Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Christmas Season Has Begun!

Yessirree, the Christmas fun has definitely begun! Naturally since we had a long weekend off for Thanksgiving, and the weather was near perfect, we got started with our outdoor decorations, and then, naturally, we had to move on to the indoor stuff, and since we had all the boxes out, we might as well drag the tree upstairs, and in the process of dragging the tree upstairs, we noticed the pile of Christmas books and remembered that last year we wrapped all these books like Christmas presents and put them under the little Christmas tree in my upstairs sitting room.Then, each night before bed, Kayli got to open a Christmas book, and we read it as our bedtime story. We decided that was a "MUST DO" again!
all wrapped and ready to go...and notice how "innocent" Sprinkles is trying to look here? Don't let her fool you!
now, let's get started with this giant book of "facts" about Santa and the North Pole... fascinating!
we took some time to give Kayli's little rolling pin a "workout"...
with tasty results!
we found Sprinkles' Christmas chew toy and had some fun with it until she eventually managed to chew all the rubber light bulbs to bits, leaving just the rope!
we took some time to play outside in the back yard...LOVE THIS WEATHER!
Later in the week, we picked a night to decorate the Christmas tree. We made some hot chocolate, opened the Oreo cookies, what? You didn't actually think we still had some of those Christmas sugar cookies left did you?!!!
put on some Christmas music, and had lots of fun putting all the ornaments on the tree...

we have some special glasses that when you put them on and look at the lights on the tree, it looks like there are angels surrounding the tree, so cool...
there was a little ornament that was actually a tiny book, and of course Kayli had to stop and "read it" to Sprinkles, ha ha!
Good listening, Sprinkles, you deserve a hug!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

We had a great Thanksgiving, surrounded by lots of family and friends and fabulous food! We all gathered at Kevin and Karen's for the feast! There were 29 people that included Jim's family members too.
"Are you ready to party?"
Jessica (Ethan's mom) and Amy (Jessica's mom)
Baby Ethan...
After a huge meal, we headed to the park...
most everybody walked the trail while I stayed behind to supervise the kids on the playground!
it was a beautiful day!
Kennedy...age 10, Kayli...age 7, Anna...age 8
the "walkers" were back and now it was time to head back for PIE!!!
we stayed and played and ate some more and drank some more and played some more and Kayli went in the hot tub for a while and put her jammies on and her mom was still chatting away when she realized that Kayli had dropped in her uncle Kevin's arms...
time to say "good-bye" and "thanks for a great day!"
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