Sunday, July 31, 2011

Is There Really EVER a Good Time For the AC to Quit Working???

It's just not the first thing you want to deal with when you return from a vacation! Ok, it actually didn't stop working until we got up this morning, and I didn't notice it for a while because I was busy unpacking bags and boxes in the garage. I was going back and forth between the kitchen and the garage, when during one of those "trips" it dawned on me that the temperature was no different inside the house than it was in the garage! Yep, there was air coming out of the vents, just NOT cold air, and the house was getting hot! Kayli walked into the kitchen and looked up at me with sweat droplets running down her face and said "Should we go swimming or something?" She had no idea why our house was so hot but she was ready to take action! Well, I didn't have the energy to even think about packing another bag, even if it was just a swim I chose the next best option...our deck, the hose, and the hot tub filled with cold water! We both cooled off, and had some fun while waiting most of the day to hear back from a service person...
We even decided to share some of the water with our poor, nearly dead flowers, and the pitifully cracked earth beneath our deck,  and Kayli asks "Mom, is this called a drought???" Sure looks like one...but we're hoping this is a mini-drought and if we need to we might have to do a "rain dance" to get some water moving through our skies!  
My previously beautiful flowers went from this...
to this...
Well, at least we've got cool air coming through the vents again! We'll be sleeping well tonight!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Are We Having Fun Yet?

At the lake...we stop at a nearby place for lunch, swim-up bar, and one of the longest water slides around, but Kayli says:
"Noooo, I don't want to go on that big water slide, it looks too scary!" ...then, she watched her cousins coming and going, listened to everyone's comments, took a long look at that slide, walked up the big hill with Aunt Marion, took another look, agreed to give it a trial run, and as I reached for her in the swirling water at the bottom of the slide, she came up grinning from ear to ear...
and exclaimed "Mom, this is sooo much fun, I just want to do it ALL DAY!!!" ...and she did!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Theatre Day-Camp!

A full week of singing, dancing, and acting! Then, of course, a grand production! This was a winner! Check out the videos below:

The makeup they put on her was quite a sight!
Then, she was in a skit called "The Really Long Haired Princesses"...
There's no business like show business to bring on the giggles! This daycamp was definitely a hit!

We Love Our Midwest Beaches!

Ohhhh how we love the little beach on the lake at Sh M park only a 15 minute drive from our home! We can pack a cooler, load up the wagon, set out the beach umbrella, blanket, and chairs, dump out the sand toys, and soak up the summer sun! We can build sand castles, chase minnows, collect tiny shells, and bury our feet in the sand! We can collect summer memories 'cuz that's what will help us get through another cold winter, brrr!
We've been to our favorite beach twice now this summer. The first time we met up with Linsey and Lily and had a great playdate!

It was a sunny AND windy day, so Linsey and I kept taking turns catching the beach umbrella just as it was being lifted into the air! So, of course I NOW own a new beach umbrella that you can actually "drill" deep into the ground!  Kayli and I tried it out on our second visit to the beach.Works like a charm!
We also altered the time of day we went to the beach. Going a bit later in the afternoon was much better for avoiding sunburns and much better for avoiding the day-camp crowd! Ahh, room to spread out, and almost our private beach by the end of the day!
At the end of our day, after all the splashing, swimming, digging, building, laughing and playing, I took a moment to sit by the edge of the water, just long enough to take in the serene stillness of the scene before me. Not only will this provide me with another strong visual summer memory, but will also help to remind me to stop occasionally in the midst of my busy life to breathe deeply, and resist the urge to forge ahead when I can stay just a little bit longer to linger in the gift of a calm, quiet moment...

Saturday, July 9, 2011

She Really Wanted to Try the Rock Wall!

AND, she discovered that she liked swinging from the rope, "like swinging from a vine" better than the climbing!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Guess Who's Coming To Our House Tonight???

Kayli says: Oh Yeah! I'm sooooo excited!!! I've been waiting and waiting for this wibbly wobbly tooth to finally pop out!
Mom says: Now that looks like a true soon-to-be-first-grader's smile!
AND...That sweet toothless grin just makes ME smile!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Love Those Fireworks!

Kayli was intrigued with all the popping, cracking, and pretty "lightning" going on outside our windows all weekend! "So, why do they have fireworks on this holiday?" she wants to know. I carefully begin to answer in a not-so-specific manner, when Kayli says "C'mon Mom, let's just ask the computer!" Yep, when in doubt, do a web search! Imagine our surprise when we found out that the idea of fireworks at a celebration actually originated in CHINA! Oh, Kayli loved that tidbit of information!
On the night of the 4th, we loaded up the car with our big wagon, snacks, drinks, picnic blanket, bug spray, camera, and headed over to the local mall where the city was hosting a fireworks show...While everyone waited sooo patiently for the sun to set and the show to begin, the show sponsors surprised us by drawing our attention to a nearby roof  by blowing whistles, then tossing hundreds of frisbees into the air! Kids (big and little) were running everywhere! Kayli was thrilled to catch her own frisbee in the midst of all the chaos! 
My "little firecracker"  loved watching the cool fireworks, but still had to watch the whole thing with her fingers plugging her ears!
I think the WHOLE CITY was at this show, judging from the number of cars trying to make their way out of the parking lot, when it was all over! Actually it wasn't too bad taking the slow drive home, and the city generously provided traffic cops to help us all keep moving!
Kayli told me that she is so glad we have so many holidays to celebrate, 'cuz we just have so much fun! I couldn't agree more!
Happy 4th of July!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Checkin' Out the New Stuff at the Zoo

Of course we had to schedule a day to check out the new sky safari ride and the Polar Bear exhibit at the zoo! Thanks to Aunt Marion's Deluxe zoo membership, we were able to ride the train, tram, carousel, and sky safari ride while we were there! Kayli and her cousins, Jake and Nick, all had a great time together!
Kayli just loves looking at maps! Here she is telling Jake "what the map says"...
We've never seen the inside of an elephant's mouth before!
The carousel is ALWAYS a hit!
The polar bear was so much fun to watch! He was really performing... 

Kayli had a little talk with the deer, and gave them some food...
Notice the red scarf Kayli brought along today? She's decided that it comes in handy to have a scarf when you are outdoors and you happen to hear the buzzing of a fly or a bee and you need something to swat them away with! Also, when it gets really hot, you can wipe your forehead with it (nevermind that wearing a wool scarf around your neck can MAKE you sweat!) Finally, you never know when you might have the opportunity to pretend you are Rapunzel and the scarf becomes your in the picture below!
The sea lion show was FABULOUS!
This sign indicates that you must be over 42" to ride alone on the safari ski lift. Kayli stands on the edge of the box to give herself a few inches. She is exactly 42" in height right now, but I have no intentions of sending her on a ski lift ride by herself! Nosirree, I need someone to hold on to while I ride this scary-high ride! Ha.
Oh, what a relaxing, carefree, barefoot ride over the savannah...
Marion and Jake are right behind us...Jake ended up seeing a buddy from school up there on the ski lift going in the opposite direction! 
 We spent the whole day at the zoo today, and as we headed toward the exit, through the gift shop, Kayli begged for a new stuffed friend, so we brought home...Coral, the snake!
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