Friday, November 27, 2009

Something New and Fun

So, I "stumbled across" something new and fun by Hallmark. It's a digital scrapbook slideshow to music. Pretty cool, huh? The process involved in the making of this slideshow definitely had it's pros and cons, but in the end, the result is pretty good. Now that I've had a "trial run" with this, I may have to explore all the other possibilities, and that could keep me busy for a while! Check out the scrapbook slideshow to music by clicking on the "play" button below: (When the Smilebox page comes up, you can choose "full screen" to see the scrapbook pages on your full screen for best effect! When the slideshow is done, just press your "escape" button on your keyboard to get out of full screen mode.)
Click to play this Smilebox slideshow: Kayli Christmas Slide Show
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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Now, What Does it Say?

Remember when you were little and you started pretending to "write notes" like the grownups in your world? I don't mean writing letters like A and B, which they practice all the time in preschool. I mean that "REAL" motion of jerking the pen back and forth in quick movements, while stopping intermittently to smack a dot down on an "i" or swiftly cross a "t" and appearing to make waves like an ocean across the lines on the paper, then ending dramatically with a definitive DOT that nearly goes through the paper! I clearly remember doing this as a child and now Kayli is doing it. It just cracks me up when she "writes and writes" then slaps the paper down in front of me and says "There, now what does it say?" Like somehow her writing unintentionally appeared in another language and she truly is wondering now what it says!

"There, now what does it say?" do I manage to keep a serious looking face as I "interpret" this important note for Kayli (make up some good stuff), while she listens intently, and inside my head I am totally cracking up?!!!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Mommy, I Reeeally Missed You!

I recently had some surgery, and spent 3 days in the hospital. Although Kayli spent some quality time with her aunts, uncles, and cousins, the two of us "peas in a pod" hadn't seen each other in 4 days! Bottom line...our cozy little world had really been rocked! The first night back together, Aunt Karen brought Kayli home just in time for bed. She was tired, so was I. Kayli cautiously hugged my arm as Aunt Karen helped her into her jammies. Then, we said "good-bye" to Aunt Karen and settled into my big bed to sleep. After lying there quietly for a few minutes, Kayli opened her eyes and turned to me and said "Mommy, I reeeeally missed you!" Then she said "I've got some very portant (important) news for you." "What is it?" I say. "Well" she starts, "the very portant thing I have to tell you is that you are going to get better veeery fast cuz I am going to take care of you just like you always take care of me!" She continues..."And, that's cuz I love you and our tiny little family, you and me and our two hearts." As I smile and respond in kind, tears come to my eyes, and I say a silent prayer of thanks for this sweet little blessing in my life.

So, the next day we spent alot of time talking about my "owee" and how I was sore and I couldn't pick Kayli up for a while. "Just pick me up very gently" Kayli says. I explain again. She hears: "blah,blah,blah, mom won't pick me up." I distract. "I just wanna snuggle with you." she says. I make a fort out of pillows and give her a spot next to me.

We watch "The Rescuers"...

Aunt Eileen calls...take Kayli for a playdate? Oh,yes, she would love that! Back by dinner, Kayli takes three bites, drinks her juice, then promptly proceeds to complete the following formula: (No nap + my world has changed + taking Benadryl for an allergic reaction to something = Major Melt Down complete with tears and irrational ranting...followed by instant comatose sleep.)

Whew, I put my feet up (something I've been told to do as part of my recovery) get out a magazine and settle in. One hour later that juice Kayli had for dinner has made it's way to and through her bladder, right into the couch cushion! Dangit. Now, I'm at the kitchen sink, shampooing the cushion, mumbling something under my breath about rest and recuperation, as Kayli stands there looking dazed and confused. Then, I say to myself, Move on Kathy. Let it go. This just might be funny in a few days...

Monday, November 16, 2009

Sneak Preview

Kayli's class at daycare/preschool has been practicing for their Christmas program. Kayli comes home with these songs in her head and walks around the house just singing away! Check out the sneak preview below:Gotta love the grand gestures!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Fall, Beautiful Fall!

Our Fall has been amazingly colorful this year, and continues to be my favorite season of all! Kayli just can't get enough opportunities to jump and roll in the leaves. I know that only too soon, this will be replaced with snow, so we are taking every opportunity to get out and enjoy the mild weather paired with the beautiful colors that surround us!

Monday, November 9, 2009

A "Fancy" Day

Fancy Nancy is the name of the latest in childrens popular books. The main character, Fancy Nancy, just LOVES everything fancy, frilly, glittery, and flashy. She uses "big words" like "glamorous" and "delectable". Kayli, of course, completely relates to this character, and loves her books. So this weekend we had tickets to a "book signing party" on the plaza. With a ticket, we were able to attend a special presentation by the author and illustrator, where the new Fancy Nancy Christmas book was read to the audience, followed by some author tips, an audience participation activity, a prize drawing, our own copy of this new book and the opportunity to stand in a LONG line to meet the author & illustrator, and get our book signed. All the children in attendance, came in their "fanciest holiday attire"! Kayli chose a satin holiday dress that was sleeveless, keeping in the mind the 70 degree weather today! It was funny, though, when she went to choose her shoes. On any other given day, she would pull out her red sparkle shoes, no matter what the color of outfit. Not today, though, she reached way back to get her black patten leather shoes with the rhinestone buckles. She said "I need to dress like a real people today Mom." So, I'm guessing she was going for "Elegant" vs. "Fancy"! Regardless, my sweet pea looked beautiful, and we both had a FABULOUS day!
Oh, and we didn't win the grand prize, which was a Fancy Nancy Doll, but we all know that Santa is already watching to see what kinds of toys he might put in his sack for all the good little girls and boys across the world!

Here's our special autographed book...

Here Kayli is at home, all ready for our fancy day...

Kayli is checking out her new book, and hanging tight to her "lipstick"(after I put on lipstick at home, she just had to search the house for one of her own, we found a cherry chapstick for her to stuff in her tiny black velvet purse)...

While waiting for the program to start, Kayli passed the time by tracing the letters on her new book...

From start to finish, we were sitting in our chairs for a "long time" from a 4-year-old's perspective, so as time passed, the pony tail came out, the tights came off, the necklace was dangling from her ankles, the tiny wire bracelet was stretched, molded, then in and out of her mouth. The mom behind me and I were discussing the fact that if we were "running the show", we might have had some preschool activities going on during the long wait times for the author, and at the end while everyone stood in line for maybe an hour to get their book-signed. (Typical for an adult author book signing but not so practical for preschoolers)

The author and illustrator were wearing their fanciest attire!

Oh good, an audience participation activity...

The illustrator came down the aisle and had the girls on the ends of the rows (Luckily, Kayli was one) put a banana on their heads to see how straight and tall they could stand, just like little ladies do...

By the end of the presentation, most of the moms' daughters were no longer sitting in their own chairs but in the moms' laps. I happened to have a tiny container of peanuts in my purse that I magically produced to help with my "restless native"...

As I said before, we waited in the book-signing line for a LONG, LONG time, while Kayli did somersaults, sang songs, and occasionally climbed into my arms with her head on my shoulder, then dropped her bracelet to see how many people would "fetch it" for her, and give her an opportunity to say "Ohhh Thank-you" in her most polite voice!

Then, finally, our turn to meet the author and illustrator...
Kayli thought they were pretty silly.

The author conversed with Kayli about her "Georgeous" bracelet!

We were both happy to get back outside into the beautiful weather and take a little walk along the plaza...

Since we were all dressed up, and Kayli was "sooo hungry and firsty (thirsty)", we went to a fine restaurant and toasted to our fun and fancy day, then ordered Mac 'n Cheese for Kayli, Baked Potato Soup and Bleu Cheese Salad for me, Mmmmm!

In the end, Kayli remembers *A Wonderful day *Wearing a fancy shmansy dress and her fancy shmansy accessories *Getting a special Fancy Nancy book to keep *Going out to a fancy restaurant where they had her favorite Mac 'n Cheese! Really, you can't beat memories like this!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Who Doesn't Love a Weekend Filled with Candy?

Happy Halloween! What isn't there to love about Halloween? Everyone gets to look and act silly! Everyone gets to eat candy for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! We were no exception!

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