Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Now, What Does it Say?

Remember when you were little and you started pretending to "write notes" like the grownups in your world? I don't mean writing letters like A and B, which they practice all the time in preschool. I mean that "REAL" motion of jerking the pen back and forth in quick movements, while stopping intermittently to smack a dot down on an "i" or swiftly cross a "t" and appearing to make waves like an ocean across the lines on the paper, then ending dramatically with a definitive DOT that nearly goes through the paper! I clearly remember doing this as a child and now Kayli is doing it. It just cracks me up when she "writes and writes" then slaps the paper down in front of me and says "There, now what does it say?" Like somehow her writing unintentionally appeared in another language and she truly is wondering now what it says!

"There, now what does it say?" do I manage to keep a serious looking face as I "interpret" this important note for Kayli (make up some good stuff), while she listens intently, and inside my head I am totally cracking up?!!!

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