Tuesday, June 30, 2009

China Girl Reunion

So, guess where Kayli and I went to meet up with a couple of little girls that used to share cribs, clothes, and congee together in China?

We were in Maryland, a stone's throw from our nation's capital! We didn't do any "big time touring" with these 4 year olds, but we drove around so I could see the white house from every angle, and parked near the Lincoln Memorial, and got out to have a nice picnic and stroll the grounds to get a broad view of all the historical monuments.The girls were just happy to run through the sprinklers on this EXTREMELY HOT and HUMID DAY!

Our wonderful hosts took us to an aviation museum that was "hands on" fun for the kids! We had a picnic there too! Kayli's "China friend" had an older sibling who was also adopted from China. She was so sweet, and always offering me assistance with Kayli.

The girls played "dress-up"

Fed the ducks

Walked through the "Bamboo Forest" to go swimming at the public pool
Kayli was soooo impressed with these Huge Bamboo Trees!

On Saturday and Sunday, another little "China friend" and her mom and aunt joined us and we all hung out together going to the zoo, playing in the back yard, taking a walk to the stables. The girls were so excited about having a "sleepover" that they all had their jammies on by 7:00! They had so much fun and really got along reasonably well together for 4 year olds!

This was more exciting than the real animals!

Fine Mist Sprinklers for cooling off!Woohoo!

Backyard for popsicles (and champagne toast for the grown-ups!)

There's nothing like a bunch of little girls giggling and laughing at, well, little girl stuff!

Ready to go for our walk.Kayli is sporting a candy necklace!

Our cool sunglasses!

The horses loved all the attention!

Takin' a water break at the park by the stables

Dippin' strawberries in white chocolate, Mmmmm!

Group hug as one of our friends has to leave

On the way to the airport, we stopped to play at a 3 story Children's Museum. The girls had a ball!

Fabulous fun was had by all! Even considering Kayli developed allergies to this environment while we were there and was sneezing and sneezing, and her eyes were itchy and watery and swollen. I would wait until late evening or just before naptime and give her some Ben-a-dryl, which of course would knock her out cold! She was such a trooper she kept saying "Mom, why I keep sneezing and sneezing?"

Saturday, June 20, 2009

More Fashion!

Are you looking for a water-resistant, lightweight jumper to wear on a summer day?

China Scrapbook 013
Make sure all grocery items have been removed...
China Scrapbook 014
Create small "leg holes", loop handles over shoulders, and VOILA!
China Scrapbook 015

Don't forget to re-cycle!

Monday, June 15, 2009

We Call This "Princess Gardening"

"Sure, Mom, I'll help you pull weeds!" So, off we went with our gardening tools, and Kayli in her "specially chosen" garden attire!
June 09 More gym and backyard fun 071-2
June 09 More gym and backyard fun 070-1
June 09 More gym and backyard fun 073-2
June 09 More gym and backyard fun 072-1
(Kayli pulled approximately 2 weeds, then steps back and announces "Well Mom, that should do it for today!" I just cracked up!)
June 09 More gym and backyard fun 079-1

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Found the Keys!

Keys back where they belong. Thanks, Saint Anthony! Keys found in small silk chinese box in bedroom. Kayli said "Here they are, just where we put them!"
Excuse me? WE?

Monday, June 8, 2009

Where Are My Keys???

I’ll give you 3 guesses as to whom I suspect?

Here are the facts:
1)There are 2 hooks on the fridge. One for my keys, with the silver fortune cookie key chain, that go to the house, car, etc. One for Kayli’s bright green keys, with the sparkle star keychain, that open nothing except her imagination!
2)I have a vague recollection (which tends to be my current status for memory storage these days) of Kayli holding both sets of keys out to show me that she is just like me! Yes, Kayli, we both have our own keys, now can you please put them both away? “Ok, Mom”
3)Preschoolers have a way of interpreting what you’ve said to match what they think you should have said. So, if I said “Put them away”, she may have “heard” Put them away for safekeeping, or Hide them away, or Find a new place for them, or, well, you get the picture.
4)It’s Monday morning. I’m going to take Kayli to daycare, then go on to a doctor appointment, followed by a dentist appointment. Or am I? No keys to be found!
5)As I begin to “grill” Kayli as to the wheareabouts of my keys, she quickly realizes that the missing keys include HERS, and she tries to begin “grilling” me! This is the point where my patience wears thin and my sudden change of demeanor scares her into temporary amnesia!
6)We all know that Kayli is the “master of squirreling” things away, but she can’t always remember all the “reassigned homes” for these things. (There are so many nooks and crannies, boxes and bags, cracks and crevices to choose from) We only recently solved the “missing wrenches” mystery. (Under the pillows on the couch in the computer room)
7)Luckily, I remembered I had a hidden spare key!
8)I’m back from the daycare, doctor, and dentist. I stopped to have another spare key made. (You can never have too many spares!) I’m STILL looking for OUR keys. I know I AM NOT THE ONE WHO LOST THEM!

Anyone want to venture a guess???
Dobby the House Elf-1
June 09 First Gymnastics Class & Pics with Pooh 072-1

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Pleeease Can I Have My Butter WITHOUT Bread?

What is it about kids and BUTTER?
I ask Kayli if she would like a slice of banana bread. "Sure, Mom!" she says with excited anticipation. Then, as I pull the butter tub out of the fridge, I hear a tiny gasp, then an excited squeal, then "Mom, pleeease can I have my butter WITHOUT bread?"

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My First Gymnastics Class

Kayli has been anxiously awaiting the first day of her gymnastics class, and just like her mom, the excitement is just as much about what she gets to wear as it is about what she gets to do! Woohoo! June 09 First Gymnastics Class  009 June 09 First Gymnastics Class  004 June 09 First Gymnastics Class  005 June 09 First Gymnastics Class 006-1 June 09 First Gymnastics Class  034 Copy of June 09 First Gymnastics Class  037 June 09 First Gymnastics Class  038 June 09 First Gymnastics Class  043 June 09 First Gymnastics Class  046 June 09 First Gymnastics Class  048 June 09 First Gymnastics Class  049 June 09 First Gymnastics Class 051
Now, for your live action viewing pleasure:
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