Saturday, June 20, 2009

More Fashion!

Are you looking for a water-resistant, lightweight jumper to wear on a summer day?

China Scrapbook 013
Make sure all grocery items have been removed...
China Scrapbook 014
Create small "leg holes", loop handles over shoulders, and VOILA!
China Scrapbook 015

Don't forget to re-cycle!


Linsey said...

She cracks me up! I am sure this was her idea too! I can just picture her telling you her great idea and how to do it!!!

We are heading to Omaha on Tuesday (30th) and will probably be gone until around the 7th. Lets get together after that!!! Hope your summer is going great!!

Molly Brockwell, OSB said...

She's the new poster child for environmental consciousness here at the monastery... :) Don't you just love the way a 4-year old thinks?

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