Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Big Red Dog

There was a Clifford (the Big Red Dog) exhibit at the C*row*n C*en*ter this weekend. Since the big dog, in costume, was going to be there on Saturday, to take pictures with the kids, we decided it would be fun to head down there for the day. There were so many people there, on vacation, that I just decided to pretend like we were on vacation too, and we would just be "going with the flow" with no adherence to any kind of time schedule! We shopped and played and ate, and played some more. Then, when our sweet tooth kicked in, we treated ourselves to ice cream, and oh, what a fun time we had! We ended up hanging out there ALL afternoon! The grand finale was letting Kayli run through the water fountains, which she loved!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Typical Morning Drive

Just thought I'd post a couple of video/audios of a typical morning drive with Kayli singing along to some of her favorite songs, in the back seat:She just loves to sing!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Just Enough Sand!

I told Kayli that we were meeting her little friend, Lily, at the lake for a playdate. She said "Mom, is the water blue at this ocean?" Sorry, Kayli, we don't live by the ocean, and this lake is more like the color of milk chocolate, but still very refreshing on a hot day! Oh, and more importantly, there's plenty of sand for sandcastles!
Follow me, Lily!

Look, Mom, I found some seashells!!!
See, Lily, these are seashells...
Now, let's see if you can find some like this...
Lily finds a piece of bark and hands it to Kayli for examination, Kayli says "Uh, good try Lily, but no, that is not a seashell, it's a log." Chuckle.

"Here, Lily, you can have this one..."

All that sun and sand can wear a girl out!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Any Guesses?

We all know that Kayli can't watch t.v. without having the "appropriate" props and/or becoming "one" with the show. So, based on the picture below, anyone have any guesses as to which Dis*ney movie she's watching?

Ok, I'll give you a hint...

Now, do you see it?
I was in the kitchen, as I heard the Lion King "intro song" begin, and I came around the corner to find Kayli in this stance, holding her "look-alike-baby-doll" up high, in front of the t.v., as Rafiki, the Baboon, held Simba, the baby lion up for all to see, and the C*ircl of L*ife song played. Note: Prior to this, Kayli had gone into her room, found this doll, "fished" through her dresser drawers until she came up with an outfit that looked like the doll, and asked me to braid her hair like her doll. I had no idea that she was "preparing for a show!" This child is a laugh a minute!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Child's Prayers

Last night we were reading our "Guardian Angel Book", which is just about the most precious book in the world! The angel in the book sings and glows, while "watching over" the child in the picture, Kayli.

Then we said our "guardian angel prayer" and then Kayli continues with..."Dear God, please don't let me be allergic to cats anymore because they are sooooo cute and well, I just don't want to be allergic to cute, ok? AMEN."

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Drama Camp

Kayli... drama camp...need I say more?
Day one, she says "Mom, this was the best day I ever had!!!" "I LOVE my new preschool!"
Day two, she says "Mom, I didn't even miss you today! Isn't that great?"
Day three, she says "I love this school, mom. I was soooo happy ALL day!"
Five half-days of dancing and singing, followed by a performance on stage by this cast of proud, beaming young "stars"... priceless!

There was a little "warming up" to the crowd...

Then the music began, and she was "off and running, I mean dancing and singing!"

Bravo, my little drama queen!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Extra Fun with Lunch! Surprise!

On the way home from morning camp today, Kayli asked if we could eat lunch at Mc*Donalds. We had no idea that a special guest was scheduled to be at our favorite neighborhood spot!

And he's here to put on a magic show!

He's Sooo Funny!!!

"This was our lucky day, Mom!"
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