Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Big Red Dog

There was a Clifford (the Big Red Dog) exhibit at the C*row*n C*en*ter this weekend. Since the big dog, in costume, was going to be there on Saturday, to take pictures with the kids, we decided it would be fun to head down there for the day. There were so many people there, on vacation, that I just decided to pretend like we were on vacation too, and we would just be "going with the flow" with no adherence to any kind of time schedule! We shopped and played and ate, and played some more. Then, when our sweet tooth kicked in, we treated ourselves to ice cream, and oh, what a fun time we had! We ended up hanging out there ALL afternoon! The grand finale was letting Kayli run through the water fountains, which she loved!

1 comment:

Linsey said...

How fun! Kayli looks like she had a blast!!! We just went on Tuesday, but Clifford wasn't there that day!

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