Saturday, June 28, 2008

Naptime? If you say so...

Yes, this child is soooo hard to settle down for a nap. Even when I decide to nap with her, which I admit is one of the benefits I love about this “job”, I am the one who falls asleep in a wink while she engages in random activity, talking and singing and playing until she eventually falls asleep next to me. If I let her go without a nap, about 6 p.m., something “awful” will happen like her cracker will break, and then she “falls apart” and pretty soon I look over and she’s sound asleep on the couch or floor or wherever we happened to be. We all know that late naps mean laaate bedtimes! So, it’s back to the drawing board… Click on the video clip below for a sample "nap conversation"

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Kayli started her first ballet/tap/acrobat combo class this week. I really don’t know who was more excited, Kayli or me, or who was having more fun; me, watching this group of soooooo cute 3 year olds, all sporting their personally chosen leotards with tutus, prancing and tapping and tiptoeing around the room, or Kayli, so excited to be wearing her special black leotard with tutu, and the long awaited tap shoes! When we put on her leotard the first time, she twirled around and excitedly announced to all: “I a ballerina!” She loves her tutu and adores her tap shoes! The dance teacher had some very cute activities to get the girls imitating her, and really kept them engaged. The acrobat class that followed, was a bit more chaotic as that teacher usually teaches the older girls, and was just filling in that day. She was having a hard time getting this group of 7 kids to follow her instructions and complete a series of tumbling activities set up like an obstacle course. She started by saying “Ok, everyone stand in line and watch me first” then proceeded to jump down a long matt placed lengthwise, and as she turned her head to shout the next direction, of course all the kids had immediately begun to follow, hopping, jumping, running, and tumbling like a bunch of chimpanzees wearing tutus. I so badly wanted to step in and take over. Since she didn’t know the kids by name yet, she was guessing as she tried corralling kids. One little girl, with a hot pink leotard, whose name was Kate, kept running hither and dither. The teacher kept yelling “Kayli, Kayli, come here.” Kayli was standing right at her feet looking up at her like she was crazy! I had to help: “The girl’s name is Kate” Finally, the teacher said “Moms, feel free to help if you want.” Sooo funny. Next week all parents have to stay outside the rooms during classes, so I’m glad I got “the footage” I took today of my sweet pea in all her glory, just loving those tap shoes! Just click on the videos below for a dose of "cuteness" (Kayli is in the middle, wearing all black)

Monday, June 16, 2008

What's In the Pool Bag? Got the "Sunscream"?

I’ve packed the swimsuits, towels, cover-ups, sunhats, lifejacket, water wings, water shoes, inflatable pool toys, wind-up pool toys, other pool toys, goggles, sunscreen (or as Kayli calls it "sunscream") spray, sunscreen lotion, sunscreen for lips, sunscreen for scalp, regular lotion, wet wipes, swim ear drops, comb, brush, hair accessories, extra clothing. Now, for the last minute stuff; fruit snacks, trail mix, string cheese, flavored water, pop. Then I throw in a magazine for good measure…as if I might…possibly…what?…read it? No, I no longer spend my pool time on a luxury raft in the middle of a quiet pool, listening to the sounds of nature, while reading a novel without a single page getting splashed. Oh no, now my pool time is spent swimming and splashing in the middle of the pool, surrounded by wild children who are jumping and tossing nerf-water balls and Frisbees through the air. I tell Kayli to put her face in the water and she says with the greatest enthusiasm possible, “Yeah, mom, let’s do it!”…meaning, of course, together. Then, she wants to jump to me, off the side of the pool, and that sometimes means “jump on me!” as she overshoots her aim, making sure I’m going to catch her. But, seriously, look at all the exercise I am getting! Kayli is the best fitness program I could ever have enrolled in! Happy Swimming!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Fun, Food, and Fountains!

Well, despite the fact that I have a summer cold that is beating the heck out of me, I have a three year old that’s looking to be entertained! Soooo, Aunt Marion and I planned a trip to the Children’s Museum. Thank goodness for Kayli’s cousins, Jake and Nick, who ran with Kayli from one play area to the next, while I, groggy-headed from cold medicine, followed with my camera. There was so much to do and see. Too bad this place is closing at the end of July. Next, was lunch. We headed to the T-Rex restaurant for more entertainment. The kids got to spend some time digging in the sand and playing video games while we waited for our table. There were dinosaurs roaring everywhere, and volcanoes erupting. There was so much to see; giant ants climbing on walls, giant insects flying over us, lava flowing, dinosaur heads bobbing. Kayli was so distracted, that she pretty much didn’t eat her lunch (unless you count the snack size bag of skittles she found in the backpack, and the two giant penne tubed noodles she first tried to blow through like a horn, then put on her fingers, wiggling them back and forth, and finally gnawing them off her fingers) As Jake and Nick wanted to play “just a few more” video games before leaving, I took Kayli down to “see” the fountain. Good thing for the extra outfit I packed in the backpack!

Friday, June 6, 2008

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie...

For those of you familiar with the book, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, it’s a “one thing leads to the other” sort of plot. Well, as I launched into our second year project of making a stepping stone with Kayli’s footprints, for the backyard, it became a series of “one thing leads to the other” until I thought we’d never get done! We had all the materials, they were all laid out, I began to read the directions out loud “Stir cement to pudding consistency” Kayli: “What, mom?” “Pudding?” “I want pudding, pleeease, mom?” I think, “Why not, this is supposed to be a fun, go-with-the flow, kind of morning” and maybe if she’s eating pudding, she’ll have her hands out of the cement preparation. So, we stop to make a quick batch of pudding. She’s thrilled. Now, Kayli needs just the right apron, as she selectively chooses, then it’s on to the stepping stone. I had to put a ceramic plate in a heavy baggie to gently break the pieces with a hammer to use in the stone. Kayli sat back and ate her pudding, watching, telling me “Be careful, mama.” We poured the cement into the mold and I began placing the ceramic pieces. Oh-oh, now I notice that the ceramic pieces have some red spots on them, I look at my finger, yes, blood. Where did that slice on my finger come from? Ok, time to take a first aid break. We head for the closet with the Barbie bandaids, and Kayli telling me she will do it, helps me put the bandaid on, and gives it a kiss. Well, as long as the bandaids are out, Kayli notices that she has a few “boo boos” that could use bandaids too. Finished with that, I tell Kayli we better get our gloves on, nice afterthought. It was time to make the footprints, and we had to try this 3 times before the cement was the right consistency, and in between waiting, Kayli found things in the garage to entertain/drag out. Finally, a masterpiece, but next year I’m going back to the jewel stones instead of ceramic pieces.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Let's Play Hide and Seek!

Kayli has recently discovered the game "Hide and Seek", although she thinks she is supposed to count AND hide. She counts to twelve, skipping 5, then she tells me "Wait here" while she runs and hides. Then, of course she giggles herself silly, watching me pretend I don't know where she is!
We were in the store recently, and Kayli was in the cart and wanted to get out. I stopped in the aisle and began a discussion: "Ok, Kayli, you can walk, but here are the rules. No running...(she's shaking her head side to side and repeating "No running") "No taking things off shelves" (she's repeating "No taking things") and "No hiding" (She says "Hey, that's GREAT Idea Mom!") I hear a hearty laugh coming from a passerby who'd taken a minute to stop and watch this interaction. The lady said "You gotta appreciate her honesty." ) Ok, let me try again...
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