Monday, June 16, 2008

What's In the Pool Bag? Got the "Sunscream"?

I’ve packed the swimsuits, towels, cover-ups, sunhats, lifejacket, water wings, water shoes, inflatable pool toys, wind-up pool toys, other pool toys, goggles, sunscreen (or as Kayli calls it "sunscream") spray, sunscreen lotion, sunscreen for lips, sunscreen for scalp, regular lotion, wet wipes, swim ear drops, comb, brush, hair accessories, extra clothing. Now, for the last minute stuff; fruit snacks, trail mix, string cheese, flavored water, pop. Then I throw in a magazine for good measure…as if I might…possibly…what?…read it? No, I no longer spend my pool time on a luxury raft in the middle of a quiet pool, listening to the sounds of nature, while reading a novel without a single page getting splashed. Oh no, now my pool time is spent swimming and splashing in the middle of the pool, surrounded by wild children who are jumping and tossing nerf-water balls and Frisbees through the air. I tell Kayli to put her face in the water and she says with the greatest enthusiasm possible, “Yeah, mom, let’s do it!”…meaning, of course, together. Then, she wants to jump to me, off the side of the pool, and that sometimes means “jump on me!” as she overshoots her aim, making sure I’m going to catch her. But, seriously, look at all the exercise I am getting! Kayli is the best fitness program I could ever have enrolled in! Happy Swimming!

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