Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Fun, Food, and Fountains!

Well, despite the fact that I have a summer cold that is beating the heck out of me, I have a three year old that’s looking to be entertained! Soooo, Aunt Marion and I planned a trip to the Children’s Museum. Thank goodness for Kayli’s cousins, Jake and Nick, who ran with Kayli from one play area to the next, while I, groggy-headed from cold medicine, followed with my camera. There was so much to do and see. Too bad this place is closing at the end of July. Next, was lunch. We headed to the T-Rex restaurant for more entertainment. The kids got to spend some time digging in the sand and playing video games while we waited for our table. There were dinosaurs roaring everywhere, and volcanoes erupting. There was so much to see; giant ants climbing on walls, giant insects flying over us, lava flowing, dinosaur heads bobbing. Kayli was so distracted, that she pretty much didn’t eat her lunch (unless you count the snack size bag of skittles she found in the backpack, and the two giant penne tubed noodles she first tried to blow through like a horn, then put on her fingers, wiggling them back and forth, and finally gnawing them off her fingers) As Jake and Nick wanted to play “just a few more” video games before leaving, I took Kayli down to “see” the fountain. Good thing for the extra outfit I packed in the backpack!

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