Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fall Pictures at the Park

What do you do when Fall is here, and the leaves are changing colors? Well you get out your camera and take some pictures, of course! I took some family pictures of Linsey, Ryan, and Lily, then Linsey took some pictures of me and Kayli. It was pretty funny as the two of us kept switching cameras back and forth while juggling our bags, the little "chair prop", and handing out fruit snacks when the girls cooperated! Next time, though, we need to bring a snack that doesn't turn the kids' tongues dark purple!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Apple Cider and Pumpkins!

Kayli and I met up with Linsey and Lily last weekend, at a well known Cider Mill, where we played amongst the pumpkins, ate apple donuts, and drank apple slushies!  Mmmm. All was going sooo well, until the two little girls needed to go potty and refused to acknowledge the porta-potties as even a remote option!!! So, since we had already been there a few hours, and had all the fun we could think of having, including the attempted visits to the porta-potties, we headed down the road to the yellow arches, took care of the potty business, and called it a great day!  

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

College Dilemma

So, we are driving home from school last night, and Kayli says to me: "Mom, I'm havin' a hard time 'bout something." Oh, yeah? What? "Well, I just can't decide what I want to do in college." What do you mean? I say. "Well, every time I learn more things I think of something else I want to be when I go to college...ohhhh, I just can't choose!" So, I launch into my best explanation of "time" and reassure Kayli that we have a looong time before she starts college. Unconvinced she says: "Ok, but for now, let's just circle 'doctor', 'vet', and 'dentist' (as if we have some sort of worksheet to complete), then we can come back later and choose one...Are you sure I have time???" Oh, I'm sure my little sweet pea, but this reminds me that you already ARE growing up faster than I imagined!
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