Tuesday, October 12, 2010

College Dilemma

So, we are driving home from school last night, and Kayli says to me: "Mom, I'm havin' a hard time 'bout something." Oh, yeah? What? "Well, I just can't decide what I want to do in college." What do you mean? I say. "Well, every time I learn more things I think of something else I want to be when I go to college...ohhhh, I just can't choose!" So, I launch into my best explanation of "time" and reassure Kayli that we have a looong time before she starts college. Unconvinced she says: "Ok, but for now, let's just circle 'doctor', 'vet', and 'dentist' (as if we have some sort of worksheet to complete), then we can come back later and choose one...Are you sure I have time???" Oh, I'm sure my little sweet pea, but this reminds me that you already ARE growing up faster than I imagined!

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