Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Kayli started her first ballet/tap/acrobat combo class this week. I really don’t know who was more excited, Kayli or me, or who was having more fun; me, watching this group of soooooo cute 3 year olds, all sporting their personally chosen leotards with tutus, prancing and tapping and tiptoeing around the room, or Kayli, so excited to be wearing her special black leotard with tutu, and the long awaited tap shoes! When we put on her leotard the first time, she twirled around and excitedly announced to all: “I a ballerina!” She loves her tutu and adores her tap shoes! The dance teacher had some very cute activities to get the girls imitating her, and really kept them engaged. The acrobat class that followed, was a bit more chaotic as that teacher usually teaches the older girls, and was just filling in that day. She was having a hard time getting this group of 7 kids to follow her instructions and complete a series of tumbling activities set up like an obstacle course. She started by saying “Ok, everyone stand in line and watch me first” then proceeded to jump down a long matt placed lengthwise, and as she turned her head to shout the next direction, of course all the kids had immediately begun to follow, hopping, jumping, running, and tumbling like a bunch of chimpanzees wearing tutus. I so badly wanted to step in and take over. Since she didn’t know the kids by name yet, she was guessing as she tried corralling kids. One little girl, with a hot pink leotard, whose name was Kate, kept running hither and dither. The teacher kept yelling “Kayli, Kayli, come here.” Kayli was standing right at her feet looking up at her like she was crazy! I had to help: “The girl’s name is Kate” Finally, the teacher said “Moms, feel free to help if you want.” Sooo funny. Next week all parents have to stay outside the rooms during classes, so I’m glad I got “the footage” I took today of my sweet pea in all her glory, just loving those tap shoes! Just click on the videos below for a dose of "cuteness" (Kayli is in the middle, wearing all black)

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Nat said...

We absolutely love the videos of Kayli dancing. She is such a little cutie! Looks like you are haveing a fun summer.

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