Sunday, June 1, 2008

Let's Play Hide and Seek!

Kayli has recently discovered the game "Hide and Seek", although she thinks she is supposed to count AND hide. She counts to twelve, skipping 5, then she tells me "Wait here" while she runs and hides. Then, of course she giggles herself silly, watching me pretend I don't know where she is!
We were in the store recently, and Kayli was in the cart and wanted to get out. I stopped in the aisle and began a discussion: "Ok, Kayli, you can walk, but here are the rules. No running...(she's shaking her head side to side and repeating "No running") "No taking things off shelves" (she's repeating "No taking things") and "No hiding" (She says "Hey, that's GREAT Idea Mom!") I hear a hearty laugh coming from a passerby who'd taken a minute to stop and watch this interaction. The lady said "You gotta appreciate her honesty." ) Ok, let me try again...

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