Friday, May 30, 2008

The Grand Finale!

A couple weeks before Mothers Day, I came across a blogsite of a woman who was making Mothers’ Bracelets to help fund her daughter’s adoption from China. I thought this would be the perfect Mothers Day gift to myself, as well as a nice way to support someone during this expensive journey to motherhood. (I remember ohhhh so well) I customized my order to include Kayli’s and my birthstones. I wanted the phrase “From China with Love” followed by the intitials KF, both mine and Kayli’s initials. This bracelet will remind me that our two lucky souls began our journey of love from China to Kansas, and that love continues to grow with every passing day. I placed my order, including two charms to be added to the bracelet, a silver heart and a Chinese coin, then I waited with excitement. Well, the order didn’t come on Mothers Day, but it was exciting nonetheless, knowing it would be coming soon. The anticipation grew daily, weekly, until… Woohoo, it’s here! I LOVE IT! The woman who made it, included a sweet little bracelet for Kayli as a gift, since I waited so long for my order. What a nice thing to do. Kayli’s bracelet is precious, a little big right now, but nothing a little ribbon couldn't take care of. I like the idea that she can "grow into" this bracelet. Her bracelet has a charm on it of the chinese symbol for Love, and she loves it! We are two Happy Girls!

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Natalie said...

Yea! I'm so glad it finally arrived. It is beautiful, and what a special surprise for Kayli to get one, too. Hope your summer is going well. We are recovering from our trip and working our way out of the laundry! Talk soon.

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