Sunday, June 20, 2010

Just Enough Sand!

I told Kayli that we were meeting her little friend, Lily, at the lake for a playdate. She said "Mom, is the water blue at this ocean?" Sorry, Kayli, we don't live by the ocean, and this lake is more like the color of milk chocolate, but still very refreshing on a hot day! Oh, and more importantly, there's plenty of sand for sandcastles!
Follow me, Lily!

Look, Mom, I found some seashells!!!
See, Lily, these are seashells...
Now, let's see if you can find some like this...
Lily finds a piece of bark and hands it to Kayli for examination, Kayli says "Uh, good try Lily, but no, that is not a seashell, it's a log." Chuckle.

"Here, Lily, you can have this one..."

All that sun and sand can wear a girl out!

1 comment:

Linsey said...

What a great time we had! Thank you for inviting us, we can't wait to do it again!!

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