Friday, June 18, 2010

Any Guesses?

We all know that Kayli can't watch t.v. without having the "appropriate" props and/or becoming "one" with the show. So, based on the picture below, anyone have any guesses as to which Dis*ney movie she's watching?

Ok, I'll give you a hint...

Now, do you see it?
I was in the kitchen, as I heard the Lion King "intro song" begin, and I came around the corner to find Kayli in this stance, holding her "look-alike-baby-doll" up high, in front of the t.v., as Rafiki, the Baboon, held Simba, the baby lion up for all to see, and the C*ircl of L*ife song played. Note: Prior to this, Kayli had gone into her room, found this doll, "fished" through her dresser drawers until she came up with an outfit that looked like the doll, and asked me to braid her hair like her doll. I had no idea that she was "preparing for a show!" This child is a laugh a minute!

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