Friday, July 15, 2011

We Love Our Midwest Beaches!

Ohhhh how we love the little beach on the lake at Sh M park only a 15 minute drive from our home! We can pack a cooler, load up the wagon, set out the beach umbrella, blanket, and chairs, dump out the sand toys, and soak up the summer sun! We can build sand castles, chase minnows, collect tiny shells, and bury our feet in the sand! We can collect summer memories 'cuz that's what will help us get through another cold winter, brrr!
We've been to our favorite beach twice now this summer. The first time we met up with Linsey and Lily and had a great playdate!

It was a sunny AND windy day, so Linsey and I kept taking turns catching the beach umbrella just as it was being lifted into the air! So, of course I NOW own a new beach umbrella that you can actually "drill" deep into the ground!  Kayli and I tried it out on our second visit to the beach.Works like a charm!
We also altered the time of day we went to the beach. Going a bit later in the afternoon was much better for avoiding sunburns and much better for avoiding the day-camp crowd! Ahh, room to spread out, and almost our private beach by the end of the day!
At the end of our day, after all the splashing, swimming, digging, building, laughing and playing, I took a moment to sit by the edge of the water, just long enough to take in the serene stillness of the scene before me. Not only will this provide me with another strong visual summer memory, but will also help to remind me to stop occasionally in the midst of my busy life to breathe deeply, and resist the urge to forge ahead when I can stay just a little bit longer to linger in the gift of a calm, quiet moment...

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