Sunday, July 3, 2011

Checkin' Out the New Stuff at the Zoo

Of course we had to schedule a day to check out the new sky safari ride and the Polar Bear exhibit at the zoo! Thanks to Aunt Marion's Deluxe zoo membership, we were able to ride the train, tram, carousel, and sky safari ride while we were there! Kayli and her cousins, Jake and Nick, all had a great time together!
Kayli just loves looking at maps! Here she is telling Jake "what the map says"...
We've never seen the inside of an elephant's mouth before!
The carousel is ALWAYS a hit!
The polar bear was so much fun to watch! He was really performing... 

Kayli had a little talk with the deer, and gave them some food...
Notice the red scarf Kayli brought along today? She's decided that it comes in handy to have a scarf when you are outdoors and you happen to hear the buzzing of a fly or a bee and you need something to swat them away with! Also, when it gets really hot, you can wipe your forehead with it (nevermind that wearing a wool scarf around your neck can MAKE you sweat!) Finally, you never know when you might have the opportunity to pretend you are Rapunzel and the scarf becomes your in the picture below!
The sea lion show was FABULOUS!
This sign indicates that you must be over 42" to ride alone on the safari ski lift. Kayli stands on the edge of the box to give herself a few inches. She is exactly 42" in height right now, but I have no intentions of sending her on a ski lift ride by herself! Nosirree, I need someone to hold on to while I ride this scary-high ride! Ha.
Oh, what a relaxing, carefree, barefoot ride over the savannah...
Marion and Jake are right behind us...Jake ended up seeing a buddy from school up there on the ski lift going in the opposite direction! 
 We spent the whole day at the zoo today, and as we headed toward the exit, through the gift shop, Kayli begged for a new stuffed friend, so we brought home...Coral, the snake!

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