Tuesday, March 18, 2008

It's the Easter Egg Coloring GAME!

Ohhh, this was way more fun than one can imagine! Every little part of this "game" just got more and more exciting. The colors, the fizzing tablets, the egg dropping, the "splash" (oh, that was sooo funny!) and picking up the eggs with a "rabbit tongs" (that was the topper!) Kayli laughed and squealed with delight. Then, oh-oh, one of the eggs rolled off the table and bounced off the chair and "crack". There was a unified "Oh,no" then, "Oh, well", and I moved onto the next stage to show Kayli how to eat a hard boiled egg. (No, I haven't introduced her to these yet, as I do not make these for myself) Well, I guess I'll be making these in the future as I watched Kayli gobble hers up, then with a wide grin, rub her tummy and proclaim "Mama, Tayli love eggs!"


Suzanne said...

What great shots! Hard boiled eggs are the best!!!!

jocuri de colorat said...

Coloring games are much more relaxing and fun than any other girly games. It also enhances your creativity by letting you shade the objects according to your imagination.

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