Saturday, March 8, 2008

My Little Cookie turns 3!

Where has the time gone? My Kayli RoseMeili has turned 3! We celebrated and celebrated. Kayli learned to sing the "Happy Birthday" song, and she just beamed when everyone in the family sang to her. She was "over the top" excited about blowing out her candle. She had a #3 candle, while her cousin, Jake had a #9 candle. The family celebrated both birthdays together. Kayli and I went out to Applebees on Feb.27, her actual birthday. I thought they would have balloons and singing, but neither of those things were present at this Applebees. Kayli enjoyed herself anyway, because she got a great ice-cream dessert!
I decided that it would be fun to add blogging to my sharing of photos and videos. I will try to add regular postings of quirky and fun things about Kayli's life as a 3-yr.old. I figure it will be fun for all of you to read, and fun for Kayli and I to read later in her life. So, ENJOY!

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