Sunday, August 3, 2008

A Little Rain A Lot More Sun!

The Lake was sooooo much fun! We “played” non-stop, rain or shine. On the rainy day, we donned our raincoats, chased the ducks, and splashed in puddles. On the sunny days, we swam in the lake, played in the pool, and rode the waves at pebble beach! Kayli loved riding in Uncle Kevin’s boat. Whenever he would slow down to cruise through a cove, she would yell “Faster, Kevin, faster!” There were so many people, that Kayli just couldn’t believe it. Every time we’d get together for dinners, she would squeal with glee: “Look, Mom, it’s a party!” Major highlights for Kayli were: 1) Getting to sleep with mom EVERY night 2) Having Aunt Suzanne in our cabin 3) Feeding the ducks from our deck every morning 4) Watching her new Wonder Pets DVD whenever we were hangin” out in our cabin, every morning when we were eating breakfast, when mom took a shower, when Kayli woke up from her nap, whenever the opportunity arose, so that pretty soon all her cousins had taken a turn sitting through an episode with her and were all singing the theme song in their sleep! 5) Every opportunity to get in the water (lake or pool) just jumping in and swimming like a little guppy, with her head under the water and legs “frog kicking” out back. In the lake, with her lifejacket, she would climb onto the dock and dive into the air for a perfect belly flop (good thing for the padding on her tummy) We both loved the “go-with-the-flow” schedule at the lake, and although we always hated to interrupt our water play for naps, they were essential in preventing any later evening crankiness (for either Kayli or mom). It was so fun to have most our family just a few yards away, as we occupied a whole group of cabins in this cul-de-sac on the edge of the lake. We would often just leave our door open so we could hear what was going on outside the cabins and people would just wander in and sit for a visit. It was great! All in all, we’d consider this, another successful summer’s-end vacation!

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