Friday, December 26, 2008

Santa Ate the Pretzels!

What a great day! The first discovery was that Santa ate the chocolate covered pretzels we left him. The oatmeal we left for the reindeer was gone, just a few crumbs spilled, but we all know that reindeer are messy eaters. Then, it was one exciting discovery after another, from the giant dollhouse, to the ruby red sparkle shoes that both Kayli and her Bitty Baby got! Kayli asked Santa to bring her some keys like mom’s, only in her favorite color, green. Well, sure enough, there in the reindeer bowl was a beautiful set of green keys on a sparkle star keychain! Holy Moly! Then, there was a tiny baby doll with all the stuff a “little mom” needs for a baby. Kayli always likes to tell me “I’m a little mom named Kathy, AND, I’m a super hero that saves today!” Wow, sounds like a big job for such a little girl. Well, the Santa toys continued with a Winnie the Pooh Bath toy, and the Princess jewelry, and the Princess Jewelry game, and the Dora the Explorer computer game. We took time to sing “Happy Birthday” to Baby Jesus, as Kayli held the figurine from our manger in front of the tiny cake we bought. Then, she blew out the candles and we had cake for breakfast! Mmmm. Then, we just played and played, til we both needed a nap. We had a nice Christmas dinner at Kevin and Karen’s house with the rest of our family, and got to open MORE presents! Amidst the big pile of presents from Grandpa, was the best Surprise EVER, a remote control dinosaur! This T-Rex walks and roars and moves it’s head and tail and opens and closes it’s mouth to show it’s sharp teeth! Anyone that knows Kayli’s love of dinosaurs can only imagine her excitement over this toy!
On Christmas Eve, Kayli’s “Christmas exchange buddy” gave her a really cool TAG reader system that reads stories to her! We just met a new character named Olivia the pig. She gets into lots of mischief, and Kayli thinks she’s hysterical!
This Holiday season has been SOOOOOOO MUCH FUN!!!

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