Sunday, December 21, 2008

Some Call it Bedtime

In our house, a nice warm bath, followed by stories, then snuggles in the rocking chair, does not lead to relaxed slumber, at least for Kayli. Although I AM feeling pretty relaxed after all of this, it is at this time that Kayli does some of her deepest thinking: “Mom, why our tummies have holes?” “Mom, why you like broccoli?” “Mom, why you have to clean the house?” (Good question) After picking up the day’s clutter from around the house, I’m usually in the computer room “working” while Kayli is supposed to be falling asleep. She pops her head in to tell me: “Mom, my kitty just can’t sleep. She try AND try, but she just can’t!” I send her back with suggestions for kitty. She comes back to tell me her “jammies” are too hot. I tell her to feel free to take them off. It seems quiet for a long while. I go to check on her. I find that she has changed her “jammies.” She spotted something more appealing for night time wear, a sporty summer skirt and tank top, complete with matching socks and slippers! I smile, tell her she looks beautiful, and tuck her under her blanket. She says “Mom, let’s pretend this a swimming pool” Ok, fine, you pretend to sleep in that swimming pool. Don’t splash too much. This comment is met with gales of laughter. Ok, I know, I’m not helping…so back in the computer room, as I continue “working/blogging”, I hear Kayli talking (to her entourage of snuggle friends, kitty, bunny, puppy, Rudolph, Care Bears) She’s telling them how food makes you grow. Then, she shouts “EVERYBODY SING!” and launches into a rousing rendition of the “Growing Song” “I’m growing a little bigger, growing a little stronger, growing a little taller every day AY AAAAY …” “Good singing everyone.” A period of time passes, all is quiet, it’s about 10:30 p.m., I quietly climb into my bed…I’m starting to doze off, and in the darkness I hear a tiny little voice: “Mom, did you turn off the Christmas tree?” Yes, Kayli, I did. Thanks for asking, I took care of everything. You can go to sleep

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