Thursday, December 11, 2008

Teeny Tiny Bit of Snow

As I mentioned before, about the snow we found when we got back from Seattle, such a thin layer covering bits and pieces of the ground. Regardless, all Kayli saw was SNOW! She begged and begged to go outside the next day to "play in the snow". Well, by midmorning, temps were already at 50 degrees and I knew my only chance of snow might be the back SHADED porch. Sure enough, there it was, and there was no time to waste, with the sun high in the sky. So, I donned Kayli in her new Dora boots, parka, and mittens, and out we went. She was beyond thrilled to scrape together little snowballs from the snow remnants on the porch and steps, then warning me "Here comes a snowball!" throwing them at me! Squealing with delight, she said "Mom, we having so much fun, are we?" Yes, Kayli, we are!
(Recently, we had another snow and I would definitely vote for the kind of snow day we had with temps in the 50s over this recent one with temps in the 20s but windchill well below zero! Kayli also discovered that your hands and feet and cheeks get really cold really fast when they're immersed in that snow and that old North wind is blowing, Brrrr!)

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