Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Lady in the Car

When we want a little entertainment while driving in the car, we just plug in the GPS, or as Kayli calls it “The Lady”. Our device has a lady’s voice that gives directions and when I so much as hint at not being sure how to get somewhere, Kayli yells “Mom, get the lady out!” One day, shortly after buying this device, I decided to try it out on a long trek across town. Throughout the drive, this “lady” kept trying to tell me to go in a direction where I knew the road was closed, and if you miss a turn, she’s persistent, and will keep trying to direct you that way. Then, she wanted me to get on the highway, when it was clearly “backed up” to the exit (something the “lady couldn’t see”) Every time she made a suggestion, I would talk back to her saying things like “What? The highway? You’ve got to be kidding!” or “Turn right? That road is closed.” Kayli thought this interactive driving was hysterical. Now she just loves it when we think we need to “get the lady out”. We talk to the lady and ask her if she’s sure about her instructions, Kayli repeats words like “exit right?” as if it is the best joke she ever heard, and she howls with laughter, and I laugh at her laughing, and, well, that’s entertainment at it’s finest!

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Linsey Fitz said...

You two crack me up!!! I hope Lily and I are just like you both! We also have a GPS in our car. I too talk back to her! We have named ours JJ. Sometimes, JJ is a little lost!

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