Thursday, January 1, 2009

A Tea-Party Toast to the New Year!

Happy New Year! And, that’s as opposed to “Old Year”, which in Kayli’s mind is what? Well, she knows that milk gets “old” in your cup when you leave it out overnight. Then you can’t drink it anymore, but you can get some “new milk” in the refrigerator. She knows that Grandpa has “old legs” which is how I’ve explained the reason he has a hard time walking. Kayli wishes Grandpa could get “new legs” like we get new batteries when the old ones wear out. Now, there’s a concept. She knows about new clothes and new shoes, which simply makes her giddy with excitement. So, with this broad array of “background knowledge”, Kayli just knows that a NEW year has to be a good thing because it’s NEW, “right mom?” Yes, Kayli, when a new year starts, we have lots of NEW days to do all the things we love to do, and days for trying NEW things we haven’t done yet! Isn’t that great?
So, on our first new day of the New Year we started with a tea party at breakfast, using Kayli’s new Princess tea set. We invited her new baby doll, named “baby” to join us. We had pretend tea in tiny cups, but we ate real life size GIANT muffins that wouldn’t fit on the tiny plates. Our tummies were happy and we were happy, as we chalked this up to our first New fun experience of the New Year! Day One, check.

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