Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Thankful Mothers Day!

Let's start our day with something sweeter than mom, McDonald's Cinnamon Melts! Woohoo!

Mom also likes Cappucino!

Kayli says "I made this card for you at Preschool.
You like my handprint?"

"See, this is where I put my hand."

Kayli and I love to play the "I Love You More Than..." game. I will say "I love you more than flowers, or summer, or chocolate pudding, etc.." then, she'll say "I love you more than... and she loves to say something silly like green beans wearing underwear" so on this goes. Today, we played again and for Mother's Day, Kayli's list was as follows:
"I Love You More Than... ice cream, dandelions, my pink bunny, marshmallows wearing underwear (ha,ha,ha!) and then she launched into song with "aaaaand I love you in the morning, and in the afternooooon...oooh ski-ma-rink-ski-ma-rink... I loooooove youuuuu! Check out the video below:

Mom says: "An IPOD NANO! WOW! It couldn't be more perfect if I had picked it out myself.
Oh, wait, I DID pick it out myself!"

It's raining now and so what choice do we have but to snuggle up with a good book?
AND some final thoughts about Mother's Day...
Mother’s Day is a special day to take time to thank your mom for all she does, or has done, to help you grow and “weather” the trials of life. I am quite thankful for the never ending support my mother has given me over the years. I continue to feel her arms reaching out from a place we call heaven, and feel strengthened by her ongoing support from afar.
On this Mother’s Day, I am not only thankful for my mom, but I’m thankful for my chance to BE a mom! I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to “mother” one very special child that, 2 years ago, I traveled halfway across the world for. I am so thankful for this sweet child needing me to be her mom. Each day I find a million new things to love about this little girl and my role as her mom! I savor the moments of motherhood as they rush by at lightning speed. I know only too well how important it is to cherish these moments, as they are memories in the making! Thank-you, Kayli, for giving me the best gift in the world, YOU!

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