Wednesday, May 20, 2009

There's Just Something Special 'Bout Boots!

We found some really cool, pink, furry, light-up, winter boots at a garage sale this weekend! Kayli has had them on her feet ever since. Since Kayli's two favorite clothing items are dresses and boots, we, of course are seeing alot of summer dresses and winter or rain boot combinations. What a fashion trend setter she is!

May 09  Nice Weather 071

May 09 Nice Weather 073

May 09 Nice Weather 074

May 09 Summer Dresses and Nice Weather 097

May 09 Summer Dresses and Nice Weather 092

May 09  Nice Weather 093

May 09 Nice Weather 150

May 09 Nice Weather 153

May 09 Summer Dresses and Nice Weather 159


Linsey said...

I LOVE these pictures!!!!!!!! I am cracking up just thinking about her in her dress and boots!!!

Anonymous said...

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