Tuesday, June 2, 2009

First "Homework Assignment"

May 09 007-1
Kayli started a new daycare/preschool this summer, and was given her very first "homework assignment".
We were supposed to turn a paper bag into a puppet that represented Kayli. Then, she was to put a few things into the bag that represented things she liked. We had fun as we made sure the puppet had dark brown eyes and a lacy, frilly "princess dress" like the ones Kayli loves to wear! Inside, we put some pictures of some things Kayli loves!
As we worked on this simple, fun project together, I thought, "Wow, this is our first of soooo many homework projects to come, and I look forward to them all!"
May 09 001
May 09 002-1


Linsey said...

How exciting! Your first homework assignment Kayli!!!

Sr. Suzanne Fitzmaurice, OSB said...

Ahhh - where is the photo of Aunt Suzanne - I am something that she loves!!!!!

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