Thursday, September 17, 2009

4 is the Perfect Age for the Circus!

We had SUCH a great time at the circus this year! Kayli was awestruck by the flying trapeze artists. She laughed herself silly over the funny clowns. If it hadn't been so dark in the auditorium, I would have taken a video of her "yucking" it up. I was so entertained by watching her be entertained!

Kayli also spotted the tall twirly-light-up-magic pink wand with the star on top, that the vendors were "hard-selling" in the front lobby. She wanted this soooo badly, she immediately launched into her persuasive speech "Mom, It is soooo cool, and I don't have anything like this, and I could use it for a flashlight, and I am a princess that needs a magic wand, and I can use it like this...'stand back, evil mouse king...'as she hoisted the wand-transformed-into-a-sword..." I caved. I bought it. I told her we could buy it under the condition that we didn't buy anything else tonight. We didn't spend any money on food or drink,even though the vendors were coming directly to the children, asking if they wanted things! When I tried to speak to the vendor, they didn't listen, but only turned to Kayli, asking again. She made me proud as she waved them away with a "No thank-you".
Don't worry, Aunt Marion and I both brought plenty of "purse snacks" to cover an army!

Ohhh, those funny clowns!

For the grand finale, they shot buckets of confetti throughout the auditorium! Who doesn't love sparkling confetti snowing down upon them?!!! But wait, even more fun was all the popcorn spilled on the floor, that Kayli and the other kids used for silly slipping and skating on our way out. When we were talking about fun things we remembered about the circus, this was one of the mentioned highlights, of course!

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