Friday, October 30, 2009

Safe Climbing

There is a changing table in Kayli’s bedroom that I have always used for “basket storage” of miscellaneous items like her pjs, pull-ups, lotions, etc. There is a large basket on top of this table that I’ve always used for “quick hiding” of things until I can later remove them unnoticed, like when she insists that something still fits her and it clearly doesn’t (it disappears instantly into the basket), or when she’s worn the pink tinkerbell dress for the 5 thousandth time and it needs a break (it disappears into the basket for a while), or just because a Mom always needs a place to hide things, for the moment… until she can make a plan for whatever it is. Well, this worked for a long time until recently when Kayli apparently noticed something sticking out over the edge of this basket, and just had to investigate! I was glad to see that she had used the hamper to climb up instead of just climbing the changing table like a ladder, like her cousin Nick did when he was a toddler and tried to climb a dresser, pulling the whole thing down on top of him. Luckily a stray laundry basket and his overworked guardian angel took the brunt of the weight and saved him from injury. Guess I’ll have to move that basket to avoid further temptation. Check out the video below:

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