Friday, January 15, 2010

A Bad Dream

So, what does a bad dream look like in our house? Well,very early this morning, Kayli woke me up, saying "Mom, I had a bad dream" I asked her "What happened in this bad dream, Kayli?" "Well, Mom, I was lost, deep in the forest, with Tigger. He just kept bouncing and bouncing, up and down, up and down!"

I wait...for more...then I say "Soooo, is there more?" "Well, yes, you see, I FINALLY found Pooh's house. Boy, that was a close one! Whew!"

I say "Hmm, that sounds like a crazy dream. So, then did you and Pooh sit down together and eat a pot of hunny?

Kayli collapses in laughter "No, silly mom, it was just a dream!" Oh.

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