Sunday, January 31, 2010

Unusual Tracks in the Snow

What a beautiful sunshiny day it was today, and Kayli wanted to go outside and play! So, out to the backyard we went. Although the sun was shining, and lots of snow had melted, the shaded patio was still coated with snow. Shortly after scooping up some snow with her hands, Kayli announced that "we better go in and get our glubs!"(That's "gloves" in case you've either outgrown or forgotten this marvelous winter word;one of my favorites!) She was right, and so we donned our "glubs", then went ahead and added boots, for good measure! Once we were back outside, we were on our way to the sandbox...

...when we discovered a whole bunch of different kinds of footprints in the snow. Looked like there had been an "animal party" out here, judging from the number and variety! So...I started to point them out, while inviting Kayli to guess the animal that might have left them...

...then Kayli yells, "Look, Mom, Elf tracks!" (What? Are you sure?) "Yep, definitely elf tracks!" (Well, what's an elf doing in our yard?) "He's been watchin' us. That's what elfs do." (Really?) "It's ok, Mom, cuz he's watchin' us like the angels watch over us." (Oh, then that's a good thing)
*I'm so glad to see that the "elf character" (aka: "house snitch") has redeemed himself. His reputation has been restored!
Look closely, and you'll see that these tracks DO indeed bear a strong resemblance to elf shoes!!!

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