Sunday, February 14, 2010

OUCH! Kayli Joins the "Stitch/Staple Club"!

Kayli's "famous last words" were: "C'mon Nick, let's wrestle!"
Next thing I know I'm in the back seat of Marion's car, holding a blood saturated cloth on the back of Kayli's head, while Marion drives the 6 blocks to Aunt Laura's (aka: family ER doctor). Laura and Mickey were all dressed up, getting ready to go to a hospital fund raiser/gala event, but there was enough time for Doctor Laura to assess the wound, administer a topical anesthetic, then insert a couple stitch/staples, and... now, as we jokingly say, in our family, Kayli has officially joined the stitch/staple club! You only have to "pay your dues" once to be in this club, but once is more than enough, and the club never seems to lack for members... Matt, Adam, Jake, Nick, now Kayli! Most of my siblings and I had stitches as children, but Uncle Robert wins the "frequent flyer" award with 6 recorded childhood episodes requiring stitches!
Kayli says "Mom, I been having a hard day, have I?" Yes, Kayli, a hard Couple of days, and I hope we're done for a while, cuz this mom's "heart" can't take much more!

AND, here is the "scene of the c*rime"...

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Sr. Suzanne Fitzmaurice, OSB said...

Big bummer - tell Kayli she beat me I was much older before I was in the club!

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