Thursday, February 11, 2010

Teeny Tiny Earrings!

The request was made, the time was right, the opportunity was there, so, Kayli now has a sweet little pair of pierced ears, with a sweet little pair of sparkle stud earrings, for a sweet little girl turning 5!

It was a brrr COLD day, we needed to get out of the house, so Kayli put on her pretty new dress (thank-you Linsey) and we headed for the mall. With Kayli's birthday coming up, I told her we were going to look around for ideas to give her aunts and uncles about things she might like for her birthday. We, of course stopped at the Disney store, our favorite place to visit, followed by a leisurely walk down the corridor, when we spotted the earring boutique that reminded us about how many times Kayli has asked to have her ears pierced so she could wear pretty earrings like her mom. Once inside, she was "on board" with the piercing plan and chose her own earrings from the designated box of special "starter earrings". The process was quick, and then the ladies were ooing and ahhing and holding up a mirror, and Kayli was saying "That wasn't as bad as I thought it would be." She held her head up high and announced "C'mon Mom, Let's go ride the horses" (on the carousel of course) And so we did...

and we couldn't leave without stopping to play in the playland and drive the pretend car...

and always on our way out, there's the quarter candy machine with the tiny little banana candies that we both love, and the balloon maker creating poodles, dinosaurs, flowers, swords, with those long stretchy balloons and handing them out for a dollar donation. What a way to top off a great day, including the great nap Kayli took after all this fun!!!

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Linsey said...

Look how beautiful Kayli looks in all of her purple! Her necklace looks great with her new earings! She is becoming such a big girl!

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