Monday, March 1, 2010

Just Trying to Help

Before I post the GRAND birthday celebration pics, I just had to record the following story so we can look back and remember what a little "creative problem solver" I always had with me, to provide me with endless suggestions, when I apparently "wasn't thinking clearly enough"! In the midst of the large family gathering, Saturday night, somehow my bedroom door mysteriously became locked. After Kayli informed me about the problem, we solicited help from Kayli's Uncle Jim. So, Jim grabs a few tools that he thinks might open the lock, and begins working while Kayli "coaches"! Jim was holding some type of construction staple, that he had fished out of the tool box, between his lips, when Kayli leaned in and said "Uh, Jim, I'm afraid you're going to swallow that. Should you take it out of your mouth?" then, as the first tool is unsuccessful at opening the lock, and Jim suggests getting something else, Kayli pipes up "Well, Jim, I've got an idea" as she moves in closer to make sure he's listening and watching her gestures, "we can climb up into the attic, then crawl, crawl, crawl, and then just DROP right down into the bedroom!" That's my thinker; my problem solver. Not a bad idea, Kayli, except that the entrance to the attic is actually IN the bedroom, and really that's a bit extreme, although, when you tend to think like Kayli, where life is just one big, grand adventure, then no plan is too grandiose! Jim and I just cracked up!

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