Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tying Shoes...√ check

Well, today was the day. "Kindergarten skill # 1", tying shoes, seamlessly slipped into our morning routine and quietly checked off our list!
Ok, No, that wasn't exactly the way it occurred, as nothing is "seamless" or "quiet" about our morning routine! We always seem to be short on time, no matter how early I get up. Kayli always has to be dragged out of bed, no matter how much sleep she gets. Kayli then, likes to "bumble and tumble" through our morning routine, somewhat like coaxing a chimpanzee to actively participate in a structured process like dressing, brushing teeth, brushing hair, and putting on shoes. Always the comedian, Kayli is pretending to get her shirt stuck on her head, which leads her to tumble, which turns into a summersault, which leaves her tangled in her clothes, which leads to a good hearty chuckle at herself, which leads her to search my face for signs of laughter and instead I'm saying "C'mon, c'mon, let's get moving..." and on we go. So we were REALLY running late this morning and I was rushing Kayli through the morning routine. The last thing we did was to choose her shoes. TODAY, she chose her shiny red high-top boots with the black ties, TODAY, as I look at my watch and realize that we SHOULD be pulling out of the driveway about now, Kayli grabs the shoelaces and says "Let me try, Mom!" Oh, Lord, I think, there's no time for this, but, I hold my thoughts in check and take a deep breath while she begins to cross and tuck the strings on the first shoe. Ok, I know she can do this first part, but the part with tying the bows is the part that provides the ultimate challenge. She tries, then tries again, and, with a little verbal direction from mom, oh my gosh, it works! Shoe number 2, same challenge, bows are too long, she pulls them all the way through, tries again, makes the bows/loops smaller, again at my very controlled, patient, verbal guidance, and pulls off a PERFECTLY TIED SHOE!!! She quietly looks up at me as she raises her eyebrows in surprised triumph, and then we both squeal with excitement!!! Woohoo, Kayli tied her shoes today!!!

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