Friday, May 14, 2010

Preschool Graduation!

They wore black, construction paper hats with red tassles. They were lined up, waiting in the hall outside the tiny room where their parents waited in tiny chairs, cameras at-the-ready. In the "blink-of-an-eye" each name was called and diplomas were handed out, as cameras rapidly fired in attempts to capture the moving targets. It was fast and furious, this "pomp and circumstance", lasting all of maybe 5 minutes. Then, the kids all ran to their parents, settled into laps, and watched a slideshow to music. It was fun to hear the kids's comments as they viewed pictures of themselves and their friends up on the screen. There were cookies and water for everyone, then, down came the nap mats, as the non-verbal signal for parents to say "good-bye"!


Whoops, don't forget your diploma, Kayli! (Her hat fell off upon her grand entrance and made her forget to stop and get her diploma!)

Whew, made it!

Below: Kayli stands between two friends that will come to the same school next year. Anna and Zach.

Below: Kayli, poses with her teachers

Below: Kayli's friend, Leah, asks me every day if Kayli can come to her "Birthday". "Sure", I say, "when is it?" She replies "November 16th!" Oh, ok. What a crack up!
Below: Kayli poses with another friend, Quinn.

Below: More fun with friends while they eat cookies and spill, I mean drink, water.
Below: McKinley says "Kayli you sing into the microphone and I'll dance!"
Below: Kayli says "Ok, Mom, let's put this 'ploma' on the fridge!

I bought Kayli a little Princess Tin Box with some Princess socks and jewelry inside.
She didn't waste any time finding other things that "needed" to be put in this container!

Below: Kayli says "Thanks for the tiny pink roses, Mom"

"You're Welcome, my tiny pink Kayli Rose", I say.

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