Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Big Day!

The first day of kindergarten! As Kayli excitedly, but cautiously, stepped into her first day of kindergarten, just a few tears were shed, and they were mine! Luckily, I had a few co-workers/friends nearby, who whisked me away for the ultimate distraction, donuts in the teachers' lounge!  As I nibbled on a chocolate donut, I tried not to think about the last glimpse I had of my sweet pea in her trademark vulnerable position, arm up by her face, as if shielding herself from the big wide world, something she's done since the day I met her at 20 months of age. Oh, how this gesture still tugs at my heart!
We even practiced the night before with "a kiss and a hug" and agreed to part with the words "have a great day!" but the "real life version" is always much harder...
I did my best to prepare Kayli by reading a book borrowed from Aunt Marion called: Miss Bindergarten Prepares for Kindergarten, and then the book that Kayli's new principal sent in the mail as a gift called: Twas the Night Before Kindergarten. There's a page in this book where all the parents cry and then the teacher has to invite them to sit on the magic rug and get just one more hug from the children. As we read that page, Kayli said "Mom, let's just not look at this page anymore cuz it's going to make me cry."

The morning of "the big day" we took pictures and talked about the fun day ahead:

And, just as predicted, minutes from buckling Kayli into her carseat at the end of the day, she was sound asleep! I knew kindergarten would wear her out!

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