Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Our Little Friend, Lily

Kayli and I got to schedule an impromptu playdate with our little friend, Lily, last week while her mom had to go to a meeting. Kayli loves it when Lily comes over because she loves to practice her nurturing skills on her toddler friend! They had a great time at the "picnic in the kitchen"... "Cheers, Lily!"
Now, Kayli notices that Lily is eating her cheetos with a fork...
So, of course Kayli decides that looks like fun...
Lily then decides it would be better to just make a meal out of the cheetos, and forget the hotdog! Kayli tells Lily that her mom said she needs to eat a bite of her hotdog before she gets more cheetos... I love how seriously Lily watches Kayli when she talks...
after lunch, the girls go out to play in the driveway...Lily checks out Kayli's scooter, but Kayli tells her it's "too dangerous for a toddler"...
So, Lily sticks with Kayli's favorite toddler riding toy, that Kayli tells me she wants to keep forever because it was her very first riding toy and she loves 

it sooooo  much!
Kayli teaches Lily how to get a closer look at the ants with her tiny magnifying glass!
"Ok, Lily, it's your turn to try..."
"Good Job, Lily!"
"Now, my mom says if we pose for a few pictures, she'll get out the freeze pops!" "Smile!"

Lily "says" I'm done posing... Get the freeze pops already!
The freeze pops were a HIT! I think they both had about 5! Oh, the joys of summer!!!
AND...purple frozen lips and tongues!


Linsey said...

They sure look like they had a GREAT time! Thanks again for watching her!

Anonymous said...

Lily is so lucky to have a friend like Kayli,they are so cute together...Luv Lily's Nana

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