Friday, June 24, 2011

How to Play in Your Water Table

Today, after helping me water the flowers, and pretending to help me with a few other yard chores, Kayli was clearly looking for another alternative, and was asking me if I noticed how hot it was getting! When I asked her what she thought about me bringing her water table up onto the deck for her to play in, she ran off squealing, and returned in about 60 seconds, wearing her Little Mermaid swimsuit, and clutching her 3 bath mermaid sponges! Woohoo! Let the water-fun begin! But, wait, you're really not supposed to play IN the water table...oh well
Oh yeeeeah...
this is GREAT!
just us mermaids, hangin' out, gettin' cool!
 This was the perfect choice for outdoor entertainment, while allowing me to finish some things in the yard! I managed to get some flowers replanted, bird bath filled, bird feeders up, moved some wind chimes, and just thoroughly enjoyed my fabulous yard and this fabulous weather! Check out my new "garage sale find!" below...
and, the rainbow flower planter from the 50%-off sale...
now I just need to paint that hot tub shell to match the new cover and I'll have another thing checked off my list!

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