Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Wishing Pot

So, as planned, on the 1st evening of the Chinese New Year, I took out 2 small pieces of paper and told Kayli that we would each write or draw something that we would wish for in the year coming up, and put these papers in our special Chinese Wishing Pot. I explained that it was sort of like Wishing on a Star! Then, I launched into my best explanation about wishes and dreams, and how some people like to wish about something they wish would happen, and some people wish about things they'd like to accomplish. Then, I gave a few examples, while Kayli listened attentively, then replied "Got It!" as she grabbed her paper and began to draw. Well, I got busy with my pencil and paper, when I heard Kayli proclaim "Done!" She handed me her paper...
Hmmmm, well, we already HAVE a puppy. I don't understand. May I ask what "wish" this picture is for? Kayli responds: "I wish to turn into a puppy!"
Me: Laugh...Sigh...Shake head...Fold up Paper...Insert into Wishing Pot...Hope it doesn't come true! I like my daughter just the way she is!!!

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