Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Sun, Sand, Water...

and we didn't even have to leave home! Kayli and Lily had a ball together in the backyard today, while they went from swingset to sand box to water table and then back to the sand box carrying bottles of water from the water table, for the perfect sandcastle!
while Baby Graeme and I just hung out and watched from the sidelines...(yes, I was babysitting, and thoroughly enjoying this laid back, happy baby!)
Kayli yells "take a picture, Mom!" "Just look at this mountain we built!"
it was getting really hot out, and judging from the girls' flushed cheeks, I decided it was time to get the hose and the water table out, and, oh boy, was that a hit!
Oh YEAH, there's nothing like "wild water spray" to bring out the squeals!
yep, this is what summer is all about...

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