Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A sad day in our house

This morning we got up at our leisurely summer pace, came downstairs to eat breakfast, and turned on the t.v. OMG! Did they just say what I think they said? Our cable provider is boycotting the channel that has had top billing, and pretty much the only channel we ever watch in our house! Nick Jr has decided that they want more money and they want cable companies to purchase a package, including a whole bunch of channels, and our cable company is refusing, since it would mean raising rates,and they just ran a huge promotion where they got people like me to sign up for a two year agreement, with the first year being a significant discount! Seriously, Nick Jr. is the only reason we even have a cable service and have had since Kayli turned 3 and began her "acting" career...getting all her material from this channel! So, as I just mentioned...two year agreement...Seriously? Why do these things happen to me? Kayli is just dumbfounded, but trying to look for other options...she immediately said "well, a least we can still get on the computer, and we still have a Nick Jr DVD! We've got the laptop streaming as we speak...but just not the same as the big screen tv! Ohh, I hope we can resolve this...I seriously don't know what we'll do without the Fresh Beats in our house!

1 comment:

Linsey said...

Oh no! What about Disney? Our cable bill just went up $50.00!!!!!

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