Monday, October 29, 2012

Carving Pumpkins at School

In 2nd grade, at Kayli's school, there is a special night called "Principal's Pumpkin Carving Night" where all the 2nd graders get to bring a pumpkin and a parent up to school, and everyone carves pumpkins together! I bought a great little battery-operated carving tool that worked like magic!!!

the 2nd grade teachers were handing out yummy cookies! Kayli came back to tell me she would be happy to get me a cookie, and she said "Your choices are chocolate chip cookie, chocolate cookie, or a smackerdoodle!" Laughed Out Loud! What else could I do but choose the "smackerdoodle!" Haha.
the kids also put on a little performance by singing "pumpkin carols" for us. It was very cute...

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