Thursday, December 6, 2012

"Tayli" is Back and OoLaLa!

 "Tayli", the elf on the shelf, was so lucky to be re-assigned to our household this year! Kayli was amazed to see that Tayli had gotten her ears pierced, and was wearing a new Christmas skirt. She looks oh so oolala!
Tayli wrote us an extra long note this year, telling us about what she's been up to. She even included a picture. Here she is, hanging out at the North Pole, watching some friends get their magic boots...
Kayli noticed right away that this place looked familiar. We had just read about it in our "Fact Book" about Santa Claus!
Tayli mentioned that the North Pole was a little low on their supply of Pixie dust this year, so she would only be traveling back and forth a few days a week. So, we put Tayli in the sleigh on our kitchen table, even though Kayli soooo badly wanted to take her outside to play in her clubhouse with her! Unfortunately, only the parents can touch the elf, if they need to be moved. Otherwise, they could lose their magic. Instead, after playing outside, Kayli decided to make some extra paper jewelry for Tayli, knowing how much she loves jewelry!
Tayli has been out twice this week, showing back up first, in the manger, sitting on a cow...
the next time, she was found "buddying up" with another elf she found in our house, haha!
they make a cute pair of elves!

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