Thursday, August 8, 2013

Visions of my future Tween!

While at our recent annual trip to the lake, Kayli and her cousin, Hannah, who was visiting from another state in the Midwest, had lots of fun hanging out together. One day, after playing together for the afternoon, they excitedly shared with me their discovery that they had sooo much in common! They loved that they were both adopted from China, and amazed at how many shared traits they had, as a result of their Asian heritage! Coincidentally, they both had brought mini-ipads on this trip and spent some time sharing apps, phone numbers, and other tips for each other. Well, here it is, 2 weeks after getting home, and we're sitting in the living room, when we hear the ipad "ringing"'s Hannah calling Kayli via facetime! Well, next thing I know, the two girls are chatting away, giving each other tours of their houses, and bedrooms, and in the process discovered that they both owned the exact same "look-alike Asian doll" named Ling (a type of doll similar to the Amer Girl Doll ) They spent the next 30-45 minutes playing with their dolls via facetime/ipad!
The next night, they tried facetime again and were having trouble connecting so they decided to converse via text and text-video. I naturally had to check in on things, and as I stood in the doorway to Kayli's bedroom, it struck me that I was looking through that imaginary window where you catch a glimpse of your child in the future, imagining the time when she has entered the "tween years", a tiny teen with big ideas, and technology paving the way! Yikes!

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