Saturday, September 28, 2013

Fall Favorite Fall!

We have been preparing for Fall since we started back to school. Little does Kayli know that when I was her age, school didn't actually start until Fall! Ohhh, the good ol' days...anyway, Kayli has been wanting to put out our Fall/Halloween decorations since August! I made her wait until September, and finally one weekend, I couldn't take the begging anymore, and agreed to get the decorations out of the basement. Kayli was convinced that I had nothing until she saw me haul out two large bins from the basement. She was determined, as well, to host a family Halloween party, and got busy on the invitations. So, after we've been surrounded with the d├ęcor of Fall for so long, it was great to actually see all the pumpkin patches start opening. We headed out to the KC pumpkin patch the first weekend they were open! Every year they seem to add more to the fun...this year, there was a magician performing on a small stage. We were front and center, and with a little of my encouragement, Kayli raised her hand to volunteer, and suddenly found herself on stage with the magician...the show begins with "I'll just light a fire in this little container..."
Now, can you hold it for a minute?
let's test out my magic wand...
...and the wand keeps collapsing, or bending, or folding, and the kids are howling with laughter!
"Ok, so maybe if you hold the wand, while I..."
what? again?
"Ok, now hold onto my arm, and I'll just..."
Kayli, as you can see, thought this was the funniest show ever!
The magician told the volunteers that they would receive an autographed photo after the show...
a wonderful keepsake...
now it was time to move on to the rest of the pumpkin patch...
it was a beautiful day!
We just had to try out the corn maze. I went in with Kayli the first time, skeptical that I would never see her again, if I sent her in by herself. 
which way should we go?
Now, she's ready to navigate this maze by herself. She's off and running!
she says "so this is REAL corn? Hmm, who knew?"
there were so many things to do here...
duck races...
the grand finale was choosing a pumpkin from the pumpkin patch to take home...
here it is, isn't it cute?
 Perfectly Perfect Fall Day!!!

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